March 17, 2020

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner has called for a big reduction in arrests over low-level, non-violent crimes, citing concerns about the spread of coronavirus.

The city’s top prosecutor cited a weekend of arrests that included relatively minor offenses –– li...

March 16, 2020

Samantha Melamed - March 15, 2020

As the number of known coronavirus cases in Philadelphia reached eight Sunday, double Saturday’s total, prosecutors and defense lawyers expressed grave concerns about returning Monday morning to Philadelphia’s criminal courthouse, known...

January 3, 2020

From ACLU:

"Join Philly Bail Fund on MLK day, January 20, 2020, for a citywide community hearing on ending money bail and pretrial punishment in Philadelphia!

Philly is the most incarcerated big city in the United States. While we have made big strides in reducing Phil...

August 20, 2019

Borealis Philanthropy Invites Applications for the Spark Justice Fund

The Spark Justice Fund is a donor collaborative at Borealis Philanthropy that supports grassroots organizing and advocacy groups working to end the use of money bail in the criminal justice system, tr...

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