November 26, 2019

The CJI FreeHer Fund is requesting proposals from eligible grassroots organizations led by women and girls working to end mass criminalization and incarceration of women and girls. CJI’s FreeHer Funding Circle is a partnership with The National Council of Currently and...

November 6, 2019

Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative

About the Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative

The Phoebus Criminal Justice Initiative provides grants to organizations using community organizing for criminal justice reform. Grantees target issues that include (but are not limited to)...

September 30, 2019

City Launches Second Round of Violence Prevention Grants for Community-Based Organizations

The Office of Violence Prevention today opened the second cycle of the Targeted Community Investment Grant Program to award microgrants to community-based organizations that offer...

September 4, 2019

Philly Counts 2020 Action Fund

The Corporate and Philanthropy Subcommittee of Mayor Jim Kenney’s Complete Count Committee and Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia are pleased to announce guidelines for the Philly Counts 2020 Action Fund, which will accept gran...

August 20, 2019

Immigrant Communities Safe & Thriving

The Alfred and Mary Douty Foundation is inviting proposals for its 2019 RFP, the focus of which is Immigrant Communities Safe & Thriving. Under the RFP, grants of $20,000 per year over three years will be awarded to organizations lo...

August 20, 2019

Grassroots Organizing for Social Change Program

The Ben and Jerry’s Foundation is inviting applications for its Grassroots Organizing for Social Change Program.

Through the program, grants of up to $25,000 will be awarded to nonprofit community-based groups in the United...

August 20, 2019

Borealis Philanthropy Invites Applications for the Spark Justice Fund

The Spark Justice Fund is a donor collaborative at Borealis Philanthropy that supports grassroots organizing and advocacy groups working to end the use of money bail in the criminal justice system, tr...

August 19, 2019

[Apply Now] Re-Employment Support and Training for the Opioid Related Epidemic Grant Program

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Women’s Bureau is seeking applications for the Re-Employment Support and Training for the Opioid Related Epidemic (RESTORE) Grant Program, wh...

August 13, 2019

Request for Letters of Interest for Innovative Homelessness Prevention and Diversion Activities for Families

The Office of Homeless Services is seeking Letters of Interest from not-for-profit organizations interested in...

August 6, 2019

Innovations in Supervision Initiative: Community Corrections Collaborations to Reduce Violent Crime and Recidivism

In partnership with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), The Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center is seeking a...

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