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$200 Pandemic Relief Payments Available Now for Eligible Youth

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the hardships that it placed on young people, Congress provided immediate relief in Pandemic Relief funds to young people who have experienced foster care. The funds aim to provide young people cash and services to cover basic needs like food, housing, and employment. Here is how the Philadelphia Department of Human Services (DHS) will allocate the funding.

If you are a:

- Youth who is currently in or aged out of foster care as a teen (14+) and 22-26 years old

- Parenting youth currently in or aged out of foster care as a teen (14+) and 21 and under

You may be eligible for the Pandemic Relief Payment. The DHS Pandemic Relief Payment offers prepaid debit cards of $200 to eligible youth. DHS has contracted with Valley Youth House and Turning Points for Children to distribute the funds. How to find out if you are eligible:

Fill out the ‘Older Youth Pandemic Relief Payments’ survey

  • English: Click here for survey

  • Spanish: Click here for survey

  • Simplified Chinese: Click here for survey

  • Vietnamese: Click here for survey

  • Khmer: Click here for survey

A representative from Valley Youth House or Turning Points for Children will then contact you to help you access the Pandemic Relief Payment and other critical resources

If you do not hear from a representative within two business days of completing the survey, please call 215-683-4DHS (4347).

Make sure to check out these other programs for teens and young adults or older youth aging out of care.

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