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Mayor Kenney Visits the Reentry Coalition, Stakeholder Meeting Opens and Closes with the Reentry Thi

At Broad Street Ministry on October 19th, the Reentry Think Tank opened and closed our Quarterly Stakeholder meeting, with more than 115 people from criminal justice agencies and reentry organizations from across Philadelphia. Upon arriving, everyone was invited to view the pop-up exhibit of work that the Think Tank has created so far. Mayor Kenney addressed the Reentry Coalition, and introduced Ceciley Bradford-Jones, the new Executive Director of R.I.S.E., the Mayor's Office of Re-Integration Services. Ceciley encouraged everyone to play to their strengths, and work together to collectively provide better resources and support to returning citizens. We shared the 1-year update on the implementation of Home for Good, with some highlights of what we have accomplished as we lay the groundwork for future collaboration. We shared our brand new website, And then the Think Tank fellows (those who didn't have to be at work or school during the meeting!) led the entire room through an interactive conversation about reimagining reentry. With the help of one or two Think Tank fellows, each table took a reentry scenario (based on the actual experiences of the Think Tank fellows), and identified where they wanted that person to be in a year, identified obstacles to those dreams, and then worked together to propose solutions. Thank you to Broad Street Ministry for hosting us in your beautiful space, to Mayor Kenney for his commitment to reentry, to the Think Tank for playing such a large role in the meeting, to the Coalition's leadership, and to all of our members for believing that we can accomplish more if we work together. Onward! (All photos courtesy of the Reentry Think Tank/ Mark Strandquist)

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