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***Deadline Extension! Apply Now for the Spring 2017 Partnership with the Philadelphia Reentry Think

What problem could a group of returning citizens help you solve?

The Philadelphia Reentry Think Tank brings together a group of formerly incarcerated individuals from across the city, to work with artists, advocates, and reentry sector stakeholders to engage the city's pressing reentry issues. Different Reentry Coalition members each nominate a returning citizen they work with who then become Think Tank Fellows. Throughout the year, the Think Tank is creating powerful photos, films, radio pieces, mobile murals, and media campaigns to shift the public opinions and meaningfully push progressive policies and services. The Think Tank is simultaneously working with reentry sector stakeholders to understand the system and co-design solutions to urgent reentry needs.

This spring, the Think Tank will formally partner with ONE local, regional, or national organization/entity from the Philadelphia Reentry Coalition to collaborate on a project. While the project must focus on issues that impact those in reentry, WHAT the project is, is entirely open.

  • Do you need help making a service more empowering, generative, and relevant?

  • Do you need help creating media campaigns about a certain issue?

  • Do you need help designing policies or initiatives and need meaningful feedback?

ANYTHING that you think a brilliant group of returning citizens could help you with!

Please go to to submit a project proposal to the Think Tank. All applications are now due February 8th at 12 noon.

Download a flier here to share with your colleagues.

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