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Planning and Implementing a Reentry Program for Clients with Co-Occurring Disorders: A Toolkit

"This toolkit, developed by the Crime and Justice Institute with support from the San Joaquin County California Probation Department, offers guidance to organizations planning a reentry program for people with co-occurring substance use and mental disorders. The toolkit recommends steps for ensuring successful program implementation using examples from San Joaquin’s Assisting Reentry for Co-Occurring Adults through Collective Support (ARCCS) program, which serves adults returning to the community from the San Joaquin County Jail.

The toolkit provides an overview of the many important concepts to consider when developing a reentry program tailored to individuals who have behavioral health needs. Topics in the toolkit include assessing the size of the reentry population, engaging partners and encouraging collaboration, using data, working with research partners, and adjusting the program model based on data and research. The toolkit is designed to be most useful to criminal justice coordinating councils, corrections practitioners, behavioral health specialists, and other criminal justice stakeholders."

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