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Introduction to the National Clean Slate Clearinghouse

The US DOL has funded a new project, the National Clean Slate Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse’s mission is to foster record-clearing of criminal records around the country. The Council of State Governments Justice Center (CSG) is leading the project and is preparing many resources, including state-specific information about record-clearing that will be made available on a powerful website. Community Legal Services (CLS) is the project’s liaison to the legal aid, defender, non-profit and pro bono communities. Services that we hope to provide: CLS will work with lawyers around the country to encourage development of new record-clearing practices and foster those that already exist. Some projects that we have in mind include the following: Updating and expanding a list of programs around the country performing expungement, sealing and other record-clearing work; An expungement clinic toolkit to help advocates launch or expand their expungement practices; Periodic news and issue briefs; Technical assistance upon request; To the extent possible, circulate funding opportunities; Developing for a few states a module that works with LegalServer software to identify clients who come to legal aid with other problems who might qualify for record-clearing. Contact Janet Ginzberg (, Jamie Gullen ( and/or Sharon Dietrich ( for more information.

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