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Member Feature: PAR-Recycle Works

By Maurice Jones

We love what we do. Philadelphia is home to over 7,000 returning citizens a year. We seek and hope to continue to assist those on their road to redemption through community, respect, tough love and kindness. Philadelphia is our home and there is a great need for compassion. We want to be productive with our compassion as we motivate and provide opportunities for career-driven returning citizens.

PAR-Recycle Works is a nonprofit that provides transitional employment to people returning to the community from prison through an environmentally responsible electronics recycling service. Serving municipalities, townships, universities, businesses, faith-based organizations and other major institutions, PAR-Recycle Works takes apart computers and other electronics and recycles them into valuable components that are sold to generate revenue to pay employees. By providing employees with skills and opportunities, PAR-Recycle Works helps to build safer communities and contribute to stronger families while saving taxpayer money.

Interested in learning more? Visit PAR-Recycle Works' website!

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