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Officials hear from public on criminal justice reform

By Phillip Jackson Tribune Staff Writer

A number of elected officials, including District Attorney Larry Krasner, were in council chambers on Monday for a public hearing to discuss approaches to altering the city’s criminal justice system.

Testimonies came from leaders of local advocacy groups such as Mothers in Charge, whose members noted their experience with drugs, crimes and murders occurring in low-income neighborhoods.

Philadelphia residents have already started pushing for Larry Krasner to bring some change in the city’s criminal justice system, whether it has involved the imprisonment of Mumia Abu-Jamal, or the case that is still being investigated surrounding the fatal police-involved shooting of Black North Philadelphia resident David Jones.

Ben Waxman, spokesperson for Krasner, provided comment about the public hearing when it ended.

“Larry Krasner deeply appreciated the testimony from the public and the participation from other key stakeholders in the criminal justice system,” he said. “He particularly appreciated the testimony from victims, returning citizens, and anti-violence advocates.

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