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Member Feature: Meet the National Workforce Opportunity Network (NWON)

The National Workforce Opportunity Network (NWON) provides job readiness and career preparedness workshops throughout the Philadelphia region to help businesses meet their staffing needs and to build a skilled workforce.

NWON is committed to providing Philadelphians with the career preparedness tools to increase their skills and wages. Our team has met and collaborated with local businesses to identify the skills they need to expand their workforce. We will partner with the local public workforce system in collaboration with the local Workforce Development Board, elected officials, vocation programs, colleges and universities, and grassroots community agencies to identify under served, underemployed and unemployed job seekers.

The NWON training network is a one-stop shop for workforce development strategies – everything from school-to-work initiatives and career exploration, to community partnerships and targeted programs for youth, minorities, women, immigrants and veterans.

Our team offers the best workforce strategies. NWON programs are designed with specific emphasis on those with a criminal background and recently released citizens. NWON has also partnered with the Philadelphia Veteran’s Administration and the School District of Philadelphia to increase and enhance the job placement opportunities for Veterans and young adults. An NWON trained workforce understands the employer’s need for a good return on investment. At the completion of industry related training with NWON the result will be wages equal to or greater than the prevailing wage of persons with similar knowledge and experience.

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