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Network of Neighbors Trauma Responder Training


Community Behavioral Health 801 Market Street 1154A Philadelphia, PA 19107 21 March 2018, 08:30am — 23 March 2018, 01:00pm

This 2.5-day training will equip attendees to support individuals and communities after incidents of violence and trauma.

The two trainings included are:

  1. Psychological First Aid (PFA): an evidence-informed approach for assisting children, adolescents, adults, and families in the aftermath of disaster and terrorism, and

  2. Post Traumatic Stress Management (PTSM): a community-based acute trauma response intervention to be utilized after incidents of violence and trauma. These interventions are designed to foster the natural, human tendency to group together to seek safety and solace after traumatic incidents, reduce acute traumatic stress among survivors, and increase awareness of community based resources.

Attendees will have the opportunity at the end of the training to sign up as trauma responders with the Network of Neighbors Responding to Violence program. The training is open to anybody but we are looking primarily for community members to attend the training. There is limited space available for DBHIDS employees.

You can view the event flier here

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