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Training Webinars for Community Health Workers

Community Health Workers (CHWs) for the CMMI project are required to complete a 16-module training curriculum, each presented as an interactive webinar. All 16 recorded webinars and corresponding PowerPoint presentations can be found here. Below are the titles of the modules for your convenience.

Module 1: Introduction to the Community Health Worker Model

Module 2: Health Care for the Homeless 101: An Introduction for CHWs in the CMMI Project
Module 3: Health and Public Health
Module 5: Improving CHW-Client Relationships
Module 6: Community Health Worker Regional Outreach and Engagement Model
Module 7: Helping People to Change: A Speed Date with Motivational Interviewing
Module 8: Process and Expectations of Initiative
Module 9: Chronic Disease: Hypertension, Diabetes, and Cancer
Module 10: Chronic Disease: Heart Disease, Asthma, and HIV/AIDS
Module 11: Trauma and the Brain
Module 12: Introduction to Behavioral Health
Module 13: Facilitating Behavior Change
Module 14: Documenting Enabling Services
Module 15: Advocacy
Module 16: Vicarious Trauma
Bonus Module: Health Care for the Homeless Collaborations
Bonus Module: Hospital Collaborations
Bonus Module: Hospital Cost and Health Measure
Bonus Module: Teaching Clients How to Use the ED Appropriately
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