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Call for Nominations: National Criminal Justice Association Outstanding Criminal Justice Programs Aw

The National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA) is seeking nominations for its annual Outstanding Criminal Justice Program Awards. These awards honor successful criminal justice programs that use promising practices to address important crime and justice issues in communities.

Programs are evaluated using the following criteria:

  • Does the program address an important criminal justice issue?

  • Does the program demonstrate collaboration among criminal justice and allied agencies or disciplines?

  • Can the program provide quantitative evidence of its effectiveness in accomplishing program goals?

  • Does the program leverage federal, state, local, or other non-governmental funds and resources?

  • Can the program be easily replicated in other jurisdictions?

The NCJA will honor these winning programs during a luncheon at the 2018 National Forum on Criminal Justice in Fort Worth, Texas. Travel expenses will be provided for one representative from each winning program. An individual or agency may nominate as many programs as they wish.

Learn more and apply here. Nominations are due by March 23

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