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Funding Opportunity through the University of Pennsylvania

As part of a current course, titled Philanthropy and the City, a group of Masters students at the University of Pennsylvania studying Nonprofit Leadership have formed the pop-up foundation Rise215 with the opportunity to award a local organization between $6,000 and $10,000.

About the pop-up foundation, Rise215:

"At Rise215, we support organizations that focus resources on young at risk Philadelphians to reduce the disproportionate effect that incarceration has on the population under age 30, ultimately to ensure brighter, longer futures as engaged members of their community.

We believe that providing support to prevent young people from entering the prison system is the best way to end the cycles of mass incarceration that have plagued our community in Philadelphia and disproportionately affected our minority communities. We act and engage with partners who share our values of contextual, restorative, adaptive, and empathetic work." If your organization fits these requirements, apply via this common application.

Please note that the grant will be considered under the following conditions:

  • The organization or one of their program specifically addresses youth populations (under age 30) who are impacted by contact with the criminal justice system

  • The organization has clearly detailed a plan for the grant money to achieve a specific goal, including timelines, allocations and organizational sustainability

  • The organization has detailed its history, background, relationships, previous outcomes and methods of evaluation

  • Preference will be given to organizations who are combining advocacy with direct service work

  • Grant applications should be received by March 29th

Please fill out the application above and send to no later than March 29th to be considered for this opportunity.


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