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Special Event at Temple University: Help Ban the Box on Education

In the US, 70 Million people have a criminal record (more than the entire population of France!). The best way to keep people free is to connect those in reentry with positive, life-affirming programs and opportunities. Education is a human right and frees us all! Join us as we ask Temple U to #BanTheBox on their college applications and unlock educational opportunities for all Philadelphians!

This event is being hosted by the Petey Greene Program at Temple U and TeachForAmerica. The event will feature art and guest speakers by the Reentry Think Tank, advocates from Community Legal Services, and reflections from Tara Timberman, Reentry Support Project Founder and Coordinator.

Join us for this rare opportunity to hear about the experiences of formerly incarcerated individuals, and learn more about the legal aspects and impacts of having faced the criminal justice system. Speakers will be sharing personal stories and artwork, presenting research on applying to college with a "criminal record", and successful re-entry programs.

This event is FREE and Open to the Public. RSVP here.

#PrisonsDontWork #BantheBoxEDU #ReentryThinkTank #CLS


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