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Webinar: The Clean Slate Model: Sealing Criminal Records through Automated Computer Queries

Date and time:Wednesday, April 18, 2018 2:00 pm

Duration:1 hour 30 minutes

Panelist(s) Info:

Sharon Dietrich, Litigation Director, Community Legal Services of Philadelphia Michael Hollander, Supervising Attorney, Community Legal Services of Philadelphia Rebecca Vallas, Vice President, Poverty to Prosperity Program, Center for American Progress


This webinar will explore the new “Clean Slate” model of mass sealing minor conviction and non-conviction records by automated computer queries, instead of by individual petitions. Panelists will discuss the development of this model in Pennsylvania, including its bipartisan support and its technological underpinnings. This webinar is intended for policymakers and advocates interested in the potential for automated sealing in their states.

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