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Reentry Think Tank Presents: Trauma Informed Leadership Training

Join the Reentry Think Tank and advocates from across the region each week for a Free leadership training series designed to equip YOU with the tools, networks, and skills to be the best leader you can be (and the leader that our city most needs!). Interested participants need to register for EACH individual training.

The 6th training is taking place Wednesday April / 25th, 2018, from 2-4PM, and is focused on Trauma Informed Leadership (Part 1 of 2):

  • What is trauma? How does it often impact those in the system (before, during, and after incarceration)?

  • How does trauma, and the emotional, mental, physical impacts, effect people's efforts to stay out of the system?

  • How should we talk, work, and lead with others in reentry in ways that don't re-traumatize ourselves and others

  • How do we need to engage and heal from any trauma we have expereinced so that we can be sustainable and powerful leaders?

Participants will work with activist, thinker, and trauma-specilalist Michael O'Bryan to engage these questions and more. These trainings were designed by those in reentry, for those in reentry.

****Space is limited so register now. If tickets run out email us to be put on a waiting list.****


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