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Project Manager Position for the Stepping Up Initiative with the City of Philadelphia

Job Description

The Project Manager will be tasked with executing Philadelphia’s Stepping Up Initiative:

The primary ongoing responsibility is for management of projects and initiatives related to enhancing the City’s efforts to create alternatives to incarceration for the seriously mentally ill. The Project Manager oversees the planning, implementation, and tracking of specific projects, as well as the development of a cohesive strategy. The Project Manager is also responsible for coordinating activities and ongoing collaborations, including communications with community-based organizations, City departments, and other stakeholders. The Project Manager will frequently have to work with the Police Department, Department of Prisons, Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual disAbilities Services, the First Judicial District, the District Attorney’s Office, and the Defender Association, as well as local, state, and federal elected officials.

As in many municipalities, the Philadelphia Department of Prisons (“PDP”), has become the de facto mental hospital in the region. Nearly 40 % of the citizens incarcerated in PDP suffer from and are medicated for behavioral health disorders. Stepping Up is a data-driven, comprehensive, cross-agency effort to reduce the number of behavioral health patients in jails by diverting them to community care providers prior to arraignment. In Philadelphia, the project manager will assure the success of this initiative by:

  • Establishing visible support of the initiative by critical elected officials, county program directors and community advocates and treatment agencies;

  • Creation and management of a project team made up of justice system leaders including judges, prosecutors, the defense bar, community supervision staff, corrections and behavioral health professionals;

  • Mental health service directors, community health care providers, health care financial experts, patients, families and advocacy groups;

  • Agreement to a shared set of definitions, e.g., behavioral health, including the co-morbidity of substance use disorder;

  • The development of benchmarks, performance metrics, and the ongoing tracking of progress;

  • Comprehensive assessment of arrested individuals prior to arraignment, using validated screening instruments;

  • Assuring post booking stabilization and diversion when appropriate;

  • Establishing real-time sharing of treatment related data between project team components as needed;

  • Systematic use of evidence based criminogenic risk and behavioral health needs data;

  • Improving cross-system information sharing within the complex framework of current systems, practices, and legal constraints;

  • Completion of an exhaustive, end-to-end inventory and analysis of current system processes and resources, i.e., an updates sequential intercept map coupled to a process gap identification;

  • Prioritization of patient care needs, e.g., of high citizens;

  • Creation and implementation of strategies addressing process and resource gaps to reduce the number of people with mental illness that are in jail, to reduce the length of stay of jailed mental health patients, to increase connections to treatment and treatment plan compliance and to reduce recidivism.


Completion of an advanced degree at an accredited college or university in law, criminal justice, social work, public health, public administration, or similar areas of study required, five years of related working experience in a large jurisdiction preferred.

Competencies, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Proven working experience as a project manager in the criminal justice or social services sector

  • Excellent verbal, listening and written communication skills

  • Proficient in data gathering and analysis;

  • Able to collaborate with all levels of government and private agencies;

  • Solid organizational skills including attention to detail and multi-tasking skills

  • Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Internet tools and social media.

  • Ability to work cooperatively and effectively with others to set goals, resolve problem, and make decisions.

  • Prior experience working with criminal justice and behavioral health systems required

  • Knowledge of Pennsylvania’s system preferred

  • Familiarity with the rules of criminal procedure, HIPAA and CHRIA preferred

Additional Information Once hired, employees have six months to move into and maintain residency in the City of Philadelphia as a condition of employment.

The City of Philadelphia is an Equal Opportunity employer and does not permit discrimination based on race, ethnicity, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, national origin, ancestry, age,disability, marital status, source of income, familial status, genetic information or domestic or sexual violence victim status. If you believe you were discriminated against, call the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations at 215-686-4670 or send an email to pchr@ For more information, go to: Human Relations Website at:

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