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CLS Expungement Presentation


Community Legal Services, Inc. (CLS) has prepared a presentation on issues about criminal record-clearing (often called “expungement,” but also including sealing, and the like). The power point presentation is being made available for use by the public. It is geared toward legal advocates who may provide expungement representation, but it may also be useful to the broader public.

Although each state has its own record-clearing rules and procedures, there are common themes throughout the country. This presentation addresses issues such as:

  • What is record clearing, and why does it matter?

  • What is the life cycle of criminal record data?

  • What studies say about expungement and desistance

  • Record clearing around the country

  • Using technology to facilitate expungements

  • Expanding an expungement practice

  • Resources – people, information & funding

The power point is open source, so all are welcome to use some or all of the slides or to modify the presentation to their own uses. Attribution of CLS as the source is preferred.

CLS may be available to deliver this presentation at conferences, other large meetings, and webinars. Requests can be made to Janet Ginzberg ( or Sharon Dietrich (

CLS handles expungement cases in Philadelphia. However, this presentation does not address Pennsylvania law or practice.

Download the PowerPoint here. For more information about CLS’s expungement work, see here.

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