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DBHIDS invites you to Promising Practices Forum with Chrisopher Slobogin, JD, LLM

Philadelphia DBHIDS invites you to attend a Promising Practices forum with Christopher Slobogin, JD, LLM, on the topic of the American Bar Association’s Revised Criminal Justice Mental Health Standards with a focus on Competency to Stand Trial. The fourth revision to these standards was adopted in August 2016. Professor Slobogin served as chair of the ABA’s task force to revise the Standards. We look forward to hosting this event and working with Professor Slobogin to inform our collaborative work.

The forum will be held on Monday, May 14th at 3pm at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

Below please find a brief biography on the speaker and a link to the ABA’s Revised Criminal Justice Mental Health Standards. Attached is an article on the Revisions.

Chris Slobogin Biography:

Chris Slobogin, JD, LLM, is the Milton R. Underwood Chair in Law, Director of the Criminal Justice Program, and Affiliate Professor in Psychiatry at Vanderbilt University. He is a leading legal scholar and has authored numerous articles, books, and book chapters on issues related to criminal law and procedure, mental health law, and evidence. In addition to his scholarly contributions, Mr. Slobogin has served as reporter for three American Bar Association (ABA) task forces, including Law Enforcement and Technology, the Insanity Defense, and Mental Disability and the Death Penalty. He is currently an Associate Reporter for the American Law Institute’s Principles of Police Investigation Project. He has also served as chair of the ABA’s task force to revise the Criminal Justice Mental Health Standards and the ABA’s Florida Assessment team for the Death Penalty Moratorium Implementation Project. Mr. Slobogin received the American Board of Forensic Psychology’s Distinguished Contribution Award and the American Psychology-Law Society’s Distinguished Contribution to Psychology and Law Award.

ABA’s Criminal Justice Mental Health Standards


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