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Meet Our Members: Our Closet

Our Closet is a volunteer-driven non-profit with the mission of providing free clothing to vulnerable Philadelphians and their families throughout Philadelphia. The organization partners with host sites in various neighborhoods on pop-up shops where those in need can obtain clothing in a warm, welcoming, respectful and dignified manner. There are no eligibility requirements or forms to fill out. Our Closet aims to meet this basic need in our community so that shoppers can focus on other issues such as recovery, food security, housing and employment.

Our Closet has recently begun piloting a new reentry initiative, partnering with Chester County’s Probation and Parole department to create and deliver packages of clothing for those in the county’s reentry program who are about to be released. Those reentering can obtain casual clothing, as well as a job interview outfit, or whatever items they are in need of most. Our Closet is proud to be able to serve the reentry population and hopes to bring this program to Philadelphia as well.

To learn more or get involved as a volunteer or shopper, please visit

To view Our Closet's summer schedule, click here.

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