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Looking for a Paid Workforce Development Program? Baker Industries is hiring!

Who do we hire?

Adults on parole or probation, with a documented disability, substance use disorder, or homeless.

What do we do?

Our program participants perform packaging, assembly, labeling and mailing in our facilities in Malvern and Philadelphia.

What do we pay?

All program participants start at minimum wage ($7.25 per hour)

How do we help?

We provide coaching, counseling and workshops that get you “job ready” to get and sustain higher level employment in the future.


Malvern: Apply at 184 Pennsylvania Ave, Malvern, 19355. Bring current photo ID

Philadelphia: Apply 3506 F Street, Philadelphia 19134. Bring current photo ID.

(Note: we do not hire individuals convicted of sex offenses or violent crimes).

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