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Philly to Issue Municipal ID Cards Beginning in January

August 6, 2018, by Colt Shaw, Philly Magazine

Starting January, Philadelphia residents will be able to receive a city-issued ID card to identify themselves in place of a driver’s license or traditional state or federal government ID.

As the Inquirer reports, several dozen municipalities and counties across the country have similar programs, with Chicago’s CityKey becoming the most recent high-profile example.

Among the roadblocks to obtaining a traditional license or ID for many people is their immigration status or financial ability. The new ID will allow previously barred residents to enter municipal buildings as well as access basic city services such as assistance programs.

Mayor Kenney said the cards were a priority after taking office in 2016. To register, applicants will need to present other forms of documentation to prove identity and residency within the city, which is currently mulling over which documents to accept.

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