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Philadelphia police want to turn street corners into career launch pads

September 7, 2018, Darryl C. Murphy - Plan Philly

People hanging out on the corner are often stigmatized as hoodlums or miscreants, but Philadelphia police officer G. Lamar Stewart sees something more

“I see kings; I see queens. I see my son; I see my daughter. I see my niece, my nephew,” said Stewart.

(J. Jondhi Harrell is the executive director of The Center for Returning Citizens, which has partnered with the Philadelphia Police Department in an initiative to link employers with potential employees on Southwest Philadelphia street corners. - Emily Cohen for WHYY)

Stewart said while patrolling his beat, he’d stop and ask the “corner boys” and “girls” what led them to the corner. He heard lamenting about not being able to find work, especially among the formerly incarcerated, who feared their criminal record would be overshadowed by their qualifications.

Inspired by these conversations, the Philadelphia Police Department is sending officers out with local employers and workforce developers to set up a new breed of corner office. Called Turning a New Corner, the program will kick off Friday at 6 p.m.

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