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Mike didn’t buy that cops were really trying to help people get jobs. So they helped get him one | H

September 14, 2018, Helen Ubiñas - The Philadelphia Inquirer

When I met (Mike) Grant, he had just gotten off of house arrest for drug and gun charges and was applying in vain to several jobs a day. After I posted a video on Twitter about his skepticism, Jondhi Harrell, founder of the Center for Returning Citizens, wasted no time reaching out.

If Grant was hesitant to trust cops, maybe he could try trusting someone who could relate, said Harrell, who had spent 20 years in federal prison himself. Upon getting out in 2009, he finally found a job refurbishing remote controls in Goodwill's Ex-Offender Re-Entry Program. That led to another, which eventually led to his nonprofit.

It was at Harrell's Center City offices where just a few days after I met Mike, Officer Stewart showed up to prove that "Turning a New Corner" wasn't just the name of the program but a genuine effort.

"This is real," the officer told Grant. (Mike with Officer G. Lamar Stewart - Helen Ubiñas)

By Monday, Grant had a job interview. By Thursday he was going through orientation. He is scheduled to start his full-time gig at Atlantic City Linen Supply this week.

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