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Youth Advocacy Lightning Rounds

Do you know what youth in Philadelphia care about? Hint: It's a lot more than IG filters and Snapchat! Youth leadership groups in Philadelphia are spearheading social change around some of the most pressing challenges in our community, including youth homelessness and intersecting issues such as foster care, juvenile justice, and anti-poverty work.

Join State of Young Philly at the Hive (one of the coolest spaces in the city!) to hear from youth leaders of the Young Adult Leadership Committee, Youth Fostering Change, Juveniles for Justice, and Youth Healers Stand Up. Youth leaders will host “lightning round” discussions for participants to learn more about their social change initiatives, dive deeper into the issue of youth homelessness, and learn how to get involved.

Appetizers and beverages (non-alcoholic- come on, it's a youth event!) provided!

Event hosted by youth leaders from the Philadelphia Office of Homeless Services, Juvenile Law Center, and People's Emergency Center.

Register here!

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