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Eastern State Spotlight Series - Firsthand Stories of People Impacted by Prosecution and Prison: A P

Join Eastern State penitentiary and FAMM on October 2nd from 6-7pm!

More than 2 million people are in prison in America, yet we rarely encounter their stories or perspectives. Join us to hear from individuals who have served long prison sentences, someone waiting for a loved one to come home, and a former prosecutor now advocating criminal justice reform.

Derrick Cain served a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence. He now lives in Philadelphia, runs his own real estate business, and speaks publicly about the need for criminal justice reform.

Christopher Capobianco is the fiance of Kristen Goduto, currently serving a 15-year sentence in Florida. Capobianco is a Coast Guard veteran who lives in Philadelphia.

Amasa Miller served a mandatory minimum sentence of nine years at Graterford Prison. While incarcerated, he overcame a drug addiction and earned his GED. He lives in Bucks County.

Kenneth A. Polite, Jr. served as the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana, from 2013-2017. As U.S. Attorney, he emphasized being smart on crime, utilizing enforcement, prevention, and reentry as tools to improve public safety.

Moderated by Molly Gill, Vice President of Policy, FAMM.

This event is part of Eastern State's ongoing Searchlight Series of events addressing issues in contemporary corrections. The Searchlight Series discussions take place the first Tuesday of every month, free and open to the public. No reservations required.

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