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Suit: Drop 'good moral character' cosmetologist requirement

December 12, 2018, Kristen De Groot - The Philadelphia Inquirer

Is good moral character required to wax eyebrows and give facials?

In the state of Pennsylvania it is, and two women denied licenses to work as cosmetologists because they ran afoul of that regulation are challenging the law in court.

Courtney Haveman and Amanda Spillane filed suit on Tuesday, with the help of non-profit law firm the Institute for Justice, claiming the state's good moral character requirement for cosmetologists is unfair and unconstitutional.

The women both suffered from addictions in the past, which led to criminal records, they said.

Haveman said her addiction to alcohol led to a number of misdemeanor infractions that inspired her to turn around her life. She has been sober for over five years, got married, had a baby and now mentors women who struggle with alcohol abuse.

She decided to pursue a career in cosmetology, completed beauty school and had a job lined up at a salon. So she was shocked when she learned her license application was denied, citing her moral character.

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