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Full City spotlight: This Brewerytown coffee shop helps former foster kids succeed

December 26, 2018, Michaela Winberg - Billy Penn

A small Brewerytown coffee shop has developed a successful program to help people find employment after aging out of the foster care system.

It’s an innovative approach to helping fix the societal problems that plague this city — and we’re showcasing it here as inspiration to develop more. Coming up with new solutions to Philly’s pervasive hunger and poverty is what we’re asking people to do with the Full City Challenge.

The Challenge, a collaboration between Billy Penn and the Economy League, offers a $5,000 microgrant and tens of thousands of dollars worth of strategic advice. Through Jan. 24, they’re accepting short proposals for initiatives, campaigns, social enterprises, technology platforms and other new collaborations that use food, culinary or agricultural-based solutions to address the underlying causes of hunger and poverty that affect too many residents.

Read more about the Full City Challenge here!

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