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PDP is hiring an Education Director

Job Description

Salary: $90,000/yr

This is an administrative exempt position, supervising, directing and coordinating education programs at the Philadelphia Department of Prisons (PDP) for the adult inmate population. An employee in this position, reports to and advises the Deputy Commissioner for Restorative and Transitional Services about strategic education planning, platforms, infrastructure and strategies to enhance and implement educational programs for pre and post release engagement.

Primary Functions

The Director will be expected to create, design and develop the PDP’s education strategic plan, as well as assess the current education strategic plan for changes and improvements. The work will include supervising education program instructors, providing guidance, assessment and continuing education and training opportunities to improve instruction for adult learning. Director will assess, revise and further develop the PDP’s education strategic plan inclusive of on-site programs and coordinate with community and academic education providers to support the continuum of learning for citizens returning to the community.

Strategic planning to assess inmate education plans, platform, software, technology infrastructure and digital education to increase the number of inmates’ grade gain and high school equivalency diploma attainment using qualitative and quantitative reports and use data to inform scope and scalability to align with educational reentry planning.

Will need to be a dynamic public speaker who can connect with a wide ranging audience. Represent the PDP at various educational forums, attend on-site and community stakeholder meetings. Prepare presentations for PDP and stakeholders about educational programming. Observe classroom instruction and identify success and needs to support increased inmate participation and performance-based outcomes.


  • Master’s Degree in education or related field with at minimum three (3) years classroom instruction experience.

  • Experience in creating, developing, managing or directing an adult learning program in the community, correctional environment or public/private school setting or all.

  • Proficient in EXCEL and report writing.

  • Experience supervising subordinate teachers or instructors.

  • Valid state teaching license and/or principal certification welcomed.

Competencies, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of applicable federal, state and local laws regarding adult education.

  • Knowledge and experience administering of GED, HiSET and TASC testing.

  • Certification in any or all tests is preferred.

  • Knowledge of organization and education theory.

  • Experience in effective instructional and behavioral methods and strategies for educating adult learners and instructors.

  • Candidate will be required to submit a writing sample and have strong verbal communication skills.

Additional Information

Successful candidate must be a City resident within six months of hire.

See the job posting here!

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