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Join us to learn about the astounding link between TBIs and Incarceration!

This event will mark the first training of the Philadelphia Reentry Coalition's 2019 Training Calendar. The Training Calendar is intended to offer monthly trainings for members, which will focus on issues returning citizens face, and how demonstrate to support people coming home who live with these circumstances

Dr. Gillian Murray will provide additional education about the link between incarceration and TBIs (Traumatic Brain Injuries). This presentation will explore several relevant topics. Information about the prevalence of TBI and how TBI impacts and increases the vulnerability of these populations will be discussed. Attendees will receive training on the use of a TBI screening tool. Available funding for rehabilitation after TBI will be reviewed, including eligibility requirements and what services each resource provides. This is the only training like this in Philadelphia, so don't miss your chance to learn!

RVSP here today!

You can also read more about the link between Traumatic Brain Injury and Incarceration here!

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