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The Coalition Shares New Housing Resources!

The Reentry Coalition developed the housing flowchart and resource guide with the goal of better organizing the information about existing (public) housing resources, because there are many and they are complex and difficult to understand. The flowchart is organized by different groups of people who may qualify for different public resources or who may access services through different intake processes. ​

(Click the Flowchart to access the Housing Resources Web-page)

The flowchart is accompanied by a detailed guide that corresponds with the information in the flowchart, providing more detail on eligibility, process, contact information, and more. (Please note, this resource is meant to help simplify some of the information about existing housing resources that might be relevant to someone with a criminal record who is looking for housing, but it is by no means complete. This guide does not contain all resources that are available, the system(s) are frequently changing, and information here may not capture all of the complexities of how these resources are accessed. Use the information provided to obtain additional information.)

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