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Apply now for the Spring 2019 advocacy fellowship at the People's Paper Co-op!

Want to work with amazing women to use art as a tool for

social justice?

Join the People’s Paper Co-op today!

This spring, formerly incarcerated women are joining together for a powerful fellowship at the People’s Paper Co-op in North Philadelphia (2558 Germantown Avenue).

What is the People’s Paper Co-op?

The People’s Paper Co-op (PPC) is a women led, women focused, women powered, art and advocacy project at the Village of Arts and Humanities. As a powerful group of phenomenal women, we will work together with artists, activists, and legislative experts to:

  1. Meet phenomenal women from across the city

  2. Make media campaigns that will destroy stereotypes about women in reentry

  3. Design and organize public events to amplify the voices of women

  4. Work together to advocate for social, educational, and political changes that will help those in reentry succeed in their communities

Click here to access the application

***INTERESTED? Email your completed application by March 1, 2019 to:

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