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City Council proposes 3 affordable housing fixes

March 6, 2019, Darryl Murphy - WHYY

City Council is moving forward with three pieces of legislation to address affordable housing and poverty in Philadelphia. The proposed bills would establish a low-income legal defense fund, “fair-chance” housing for people returning to the city after incarceration, and requirements for affordable housing when certain city-owned land is sold or leased.

The proposed legislation is expected to be introduced at City Council on Thursday. The legislative introduction will come on the same day as Mayor Jim Kenney’s budget address. The address is likely to include details on spending on affordable housing — a big topic for voters in an election year.

“We’ve been talking about poverty forever,” said Council President Darrell Clarke. “…at some point, you say ‘You got to do something about that.”

Clarke also announced legislation still in the works for landlords to receive tax credits for renting to low-income tenants.

“I think we should recognize and acknowledge it and give them an opportunity for some sort of a tax credit,” Clarke said.

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