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2019 DOL ETA Reentry Project Funding -Partnership Exploration

Hi all,

The US Department of Labor has released their 2019 Reentry funding solicitations, for young adults and adults ( search FOA-ETA-19-01) - see this summary put together by Reentry Coalition Employment Subcommittee Co-Chair Sue Hoffman.

In an attempt to facilitate partnerships, the Reentry Coalition is inviting you to share whether you are interested in pursuing the 2019 Department of Labor REO Grant Opportunity, AND exploring possible partnerships to do so. If you are interested in discussing with other Reentry Coalition members, please fill out this form by COB Friday, April 5th. The information you provide will be shared by email on Monday, April 8 with the other people who provide information on this form. We will set up a conference call for those of you who indicate an interest to speak with one another on April 10th.

This sharing of information is completely voluntary.

Please review the funding solicitation before completing the form (see below). The webinar for prospective applicants is also available now:

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