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Theater review: The Philadelphia Theatre's 'How to Catch Creation' is captivating

March 29, 2019, Fred Burd - The Reporter

It is such a pleasure to go to the theater and see a new work that is smart, compassionate, deep, entertaining, and riveting. Philadelphia Theatre has such a play now in its new show, “How to Catch Creation.” Having played first in Chicago this winter, it is making its East Coast premiere. It’s a play not to be missed. Six African-American characters act and interact with each other and with their pasts as they try to figure out their futures. It is captivating!

One is Griffin who has only been free for a year, after serving a 25-year sentence before he was finally exonerated of a crime he did not commit. He wants one thing in life — to have a child of his own. Tami is his closest friend. A dean of painting at an art school (and is on the committee determining who gets in), she is a gay woman who had put her own life on the back burner while she has helped Griffin adjust to life. Stokes and Natalie are a younger couple who are trying to find their place in the world of the arts but also in the world of life. All these amazing people are also trying to develop their own art, to find that unique creation that is he or she.

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