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Apply Now: June Re-Entry Awareness Month Art Gallery

June Re-Entry Awareness Month Art Gallery

About The ICJ

The mission of The Institute for Community Justice (ICJ) is to serve any person impacted by mass incarceration by providing support services that empower those affected to thrive as their fullest selves. We envision a world free from mass incarceration where communities have equitable access to health, safety, justice, and the opportunity to design their freedom.

Theme: Art as Resistance

The gallery will include various types of artwork:

• Paintings

• Photography

• Fashion

• Digital & graphic design

• Sculpture

• Other mediums will also be considered.

Submitted work should reflect the theme as it relates to justice. Why is restorative justice important? What and who contribute to its importance in your community? How is art used as resistance for those affected by mass incarceration? Additionally, submissions can incorporate reasons why the community should pay more attention to issues of mass incarceration and community justice.

The exhibition will be displayed for public viewing.

To apply please submit your application form via email to with the subject line ‘ART AS RESISTANCE SUBMISSION’. Please DO NOT send in your actual artwork with this submission form! Deadline for submission & image of artwork: May 31, 2019. Late entries will not be accepted.

Read more and fill out the application here!

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