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Apply now for Digital Literacy Alliance Grants!


The Digital Literacy Alliance is a broad coalition of institutional stakeholders working to alleviate the digital divide in Philadelphia. The coalition develops strategy, manages an existing seed fund, oversees funded programs, and seeks additional funding with the assistance of relevant stakeholders and coalition members. The goals of the Alliance are:

  • To provide financial support to programs in Philadelphia that address issues of digital literacy and inclusion

  • To serve as a convener of stakeholders and partners from diverse sectors who are interested and invested in closing the digital divide in Philadelphia

  • To serve as a resource for best practices and innovations in digital literacy programming and policy-making


For its 2019 grant cycle dedicated to supporting Census2020 via innovation in digital literacy, the DLA will consider proposals that meet the following guidelines:

  • Proposals should connect digital literacy with efforts to support Census2020, and only those proposals that demonstrate a clear connection will be considered.

  • Grant requests from individual organizations should be between $10,000 and $25,000.

  • Requesting organizations should carefully consider program needs and request an appropriate amount to implement the grant program.

  • The DLA encourages organizational partnerships and will consider a maximum grant amount of up to $40,000 when multiple organizations can demonstrate how their collaboration will maximize program impact.

  • The DLA anticipates awarding up to $200,000 in total for this grant cycle.


To be eligible for a grant from the Digital Literacy Alliance, applying organizations and proposals must meet the following criteria:

  • Organizations and/or individuals applying for grants must be based in Philadelphia.

  • The application must be for a single year grant.

  • If awarded funding, the organization must agree to complete an end-of-year report and possibly a presentation to Alliance members on their project.

  • Applicants who are submitting a proposal for an entity without 501(C)(3) status or other fiscal sponsor will potentially be asked to show additional financial capacity to responsibly manage the grant if awarded.

Read more about grant guidelines and the application timeline here!

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