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The Pennsylvania Innocence Project is Hiring!

May 14, 2019 - PHENND

Position: Executive Director, Pennsylvania Innocence Project

About The Organization

The Pennsylvania Innocence Project was founded in 2008 to exonerate persons convicted of crimes they did not commit and prevent innocent people from being convicted. Over the last decade, the Project has been involved in 14 exonerations, secured the release of three individuals who are still fighting to prove their innocence, and secured new trials for two men who remain incarcerated as their legal proceedings continue. In addition to identifying and litigating cases, the Project:

  • Consults on pre-trial cases involving forensic science issues (i.e., promoting the use of DNA evidence)

  • Works to improve the criminal justice system to prevent innocent people from being convicted

  • Educates stakeholders within the criminal justice system on the reasons for wrongful convictions

  • Promotes policies and legislation that will prevent such tragedies from occurring

  • Runs clinical programs in conjunction with law schools in both Philadelphia and Pittsburgh

About The Position

The Pennsylvania Innocence Project is seeking a strong, farsighted full-time leader, with a passion for criminal justice reform, to serve as its Executive Director. The ED will act as the organization’s chief executive, leading fundraiser, external advocate, and team leader, overseeing the organization’s continued growth. In addition to serving as the organization’s key external voice, the ED will manage the development and implementation of a strategic plan, working with the Board to set goals and develop an operating plan to achieve them.

Reporting to an active and engaged Board of Directors, the ED will manage the team across the Commonwealth including its two current sites (Philadelphia and Pittsburgh) and help the Project deliver on its promise of exonerating the innocent and preventing wrongful convictions in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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