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Bureau of Community Corrections celebrates 50 years with renovated reentry center

May 10, 2019, Priscilla Liguori - ABC27

The Department of Correction's Bureau of Community Corrections is celebrating 50 years of service.

Part of the celebration was an open house of the renovated Harrisburg Community Corrections Center Friday.

The center received new floors, paint, bathrooms, kitchen supplies, laundry machines and furniture.

The facility houses about 150 reentrants, and the goal of the project is to create a place where they can successfully transition into the community.

"This just looks more like a community center, which I think really helps the reentrants transition better into the community," said Catherine Doutrich, a corrections counselor at the center. "They feel like they're a part of the community as opposed to still being incarcerated."

The Center for Employment opportunities was one of the community partners at the open house. The organization works to find jobs for reentrants.

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