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Ceremony for the Donation of Reentry Bill of Rights to The Free Library June 7th

The Free Library will be accepting and including the Reentry Think Tank's Reentry Bill of Rights in their permanent collection and, to honor the occasion, the men and women in reentry who organized the project want to give 4 additional copies to advocates, allies, and system stakeholders.

The Reentry Bill of Rights is the first of it's kind and was co-authored by more than 1200 Philadelphians with criminal records. The document was centered on the question "What do we need to stay free?" and is printed with portraits and text on paper made from shredded criminal records.

THE REENTRY BILL OF RIGHTS: A Blueprint for Keeping Us Free

The Reentry Think Tank spent two years interviewing over 1200 Philadelphians with criminal records about their stories, dreams and demands for a more just world. Each interview began with the question: “If you were in power, what would you do to keep people free?” These responses have been edited together to create the city’s first Reentry Bill of Rights. These community voices, and portraits of Reentry Think Tank Fellows, were then printed on paper made from shredded criminal records, and have been exhibited in Philadelphia’s City Hall, as well as museums, universities, detention centers and offices across Philadelphia.

Date: June 7, 2019

Time: 10:30am

Where: Heim Center

1901 Vine St.

Philadelphia, PA 19103

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