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YSRP receives Impact100 Philadelphia's $100,000 Core Mission grant

(Joanna Visser Adjoian, Co-Director, and Cameron Holmes, Reentry Supervisor, present to Impact100 Philadelphia's members on June 3, 2019.)

"YSRP is profoundly grateful to the engaged membership, 398 women strong, of Impact100 Philadelphia that vetted our proposal, visited us in person, and voted to support our work at their June 3rd annual meeting. Impact100 Philadelphia is a collective giving organization that engages women in philanthropy and supports organizations across the Philadelphia region with high-impact grants.

YSRP is one of five grant recipients. We are humbled by our company of grantees: Education Law Center, Musicopia, Neighborhood Gardens Trust and Prevention Point Philadelphia. The grant will support our work to refine and scale our reentry program, which connects youth charged as adults, and adults who were sentenced as children to life without parole ("juvenile lifers"), to structured supports and services. In addition to the case management support we provide, and serving as a resource hub for young people, juvenile lifers, family members, attorneys and mitigation specialists, we will expand our reentry program by:

  • Conducting workshops in prisons for juvenile lifers, led by former juvenile lifers, to create dialogue, share information, and create community connections inside and out.

  • Leading multi-generational healing circles, a structured space for former juvenile lifers and youth to connect, heal, collectively problem-solve issues, and identify opportunities for mentorship and advocacy as they navigate their reentry."

​Read the announcement here!

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