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Reentry Month Member Profile: Center for Literacy

The Center for Literacy began as a volunteer tutoring agency in 1968. Over 50 years later, they still strive to disrupt the cycle of poverty by providing college and career readiness for adults to succeed in post-secondary education, to obtain knowledge-based jobs of the future, and to support the educational attainment of their children.

In collaboration with the Office of Adult Education, PA CareerLink and other partners across the Philadelphia, the Center for Literacy works to improve the reading and math skills of adults to help them pass the GED or HiSET, obtain jobs, retain jobs, improve their careers, join vocational trainings or universities and achieve other academic and life goals.

The Center supports the re-entry community by incorporating returning citizens into their adult education classes and programs and working with them towards their individual plans. The staff at the Center for Literacy understand the particular challenges that returning citizens face as they reemerge as participating members of society, so they work to build the skills of their clients and to help them compete in the local job market through the Adult Education and English as a Second Language classes that they offer.

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