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Reentry Month Member Profile: Furnishing a Future

Founded about four years ago, by Steve Greenberg, Furnishing a Future aims to both provide the valuable skill of carpentry for those working towards re-entering society. Along with carpentry, Furnishing a Future provides training on general job readiness skills, job application skills, and a community and network to aid with one’s reentry into society.

Steve Greenberg attributes his inspiration for Furnishing a Future to his daughter who got involved in re-entry programming after graduating College. After speaking and working with companies and asking them what would be valuable for them and their workforce, Greenberg developed Furnishing a Future with the aim of proving an employable and valuable skill that can turn into a career with a livable wage.

Still, Furnishing a Future is more than just a carpentry class, by providing an opportunity for individuals to gain a valuable skill, it provides a reason for individuals to feel valued by society.

Greenberg shared that he can “see change in the people that go through the program.” Greenberg believes that the opportunity to learn a valuable and employable skill encourages a change in attitude and self-esteem.

Over the past four years, Furnishing a Future has had great success in placing its participants with jobs, as it is a very targeted training program. Moreover, as the organization teaches more and more individuals, there is a growing network and community that is willing to help one another. Similarly, Furnishing a Future has started creating a positive reputation for itself, promoting further attention towards those apply for jobs.

​Greenberg hopes that he can use the model of Furnishing a Future on a larger scale. Among others, Greenberg currently works with the Mayor's Office of Reintegration Services and Back on My Feet.

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