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CLS is hiring TWO Paralegals for its SSI Unit

July 22, 2019 - Generocity

CLS is seeking two (2) paralegals for its SSI Unit. CLS’s SSI Unit helps individuals with serious disabilities qualify for and keep Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

SSI is a core Social Security program that provides income support to adults aged 65 and over and individuals at any age with severe disabilities. CLS’s SSI Unit provides full legal representation to individuals with disabilities at all stages of the SSI application process, including during informal state-level disability reviews, at formal administrative hearings, and in federal court. The Unit also represents current SSI recipients whose disabilities are under review by SSA. CLS prioritizes cases for individuals who have significant barriers in navigating SSA processes, including individuals with serious behavioral health conditions, including trauma; individuals who are limited English proficient; and children. CLS ensures that clients are connected to medical care, school supports, and other resources, and advocates for policy reforms that improve the lives of individuals with disabilities.

While the duties of the paralegal positions will vary based on the needs of the SSI Unit, the positions will involve client interviews and other frequent communications with clients and SSA, both orally and writing, about issues that arise during the clients’ SSI cases. The positions will also involve identifying, requesting, pursuing, tracking, and organizing medical and other evidence to support clients’ SSI claims.

Because the position requires handling a high volume of time-sensitive evidence requests, a demonstrated history of exceptional organizational skills is required. Strong client interviewing, written, and oral advocacy skills are also needed.

Fluency in writing and speaking a language other than English, preferably Spanish, is strongly preferred but not required.

Required qualifications: High School Diploma or GED. Exceptional organizational skills; strong writing skills; computer literacy, including proficiency in using Outlook; the ability to learn complex material quickly; initiative; strong interpersonal skills; and ability to interact well in a multi-cultural environment.

Preferred qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in a related field or Associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies. Experience with a social services agency or a nonprofit organization that advocates on behalf of the poor, and/or experience in legislative or administrative advocacy. Fluency in writing and speaking a language other than English, preferably Spanish.

Read more and learn how to apply here!

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