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Experience-Based Co-Design Study with Individuals Returning to Community from Jail and Service Provi

RAND Corporation Releases Collaborative Study Done Alongside Returning Citizens

Peter Mendel - RAND Corporation Study

Individuals returning to the community from jail often face difficulties accessing the varied health, social, and other services required to improve reentry and reduce recidivism. This report describes a pilot study, the Co-Design of Services for Health and Reentry (CO-SHARE), that used an innovative, evidence-based method known as Experience-Based Co-Design (EBCD) for returning individuals and service providers to collaboratively identify priority needs and recommendations for improving health and reentry services in Los Angeles County.

Returning citizens and service providers jointly identified four high-priority service topics for improvement of the health and reentry system in Los Angeles:

1.) Prerelease process, which prepares individuals for key reentry needs before leaving jail.

2.) One-stop service hubs, which offer a range of reentry services in one location or nearby locations.

3.) Housing opportunities that are affordable, safe, long term, and located near work and family obligations.

4.) Long-term support to sustain reentry and integration into community.

To read the full report, click here.

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