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Yearlong Leadership Training Program

Leading with Conviction Leadership Program

Leading with Conviction (LwC) is an advanced leadership training for formerly incarcerated, mid-senior level leaders with a specific and proven track record in advocacy and community organizing.

LwC is a cohort based, 12-month opportunity for leaders from around the country. LwC takes place both in-person through four in-person forums, and remotely through six webinars, executive coaching, peer coaching, and regular communication.

LwC trainings benefit leaders by introducing them to the people and practices closely linked to successful community and regional criminal justice advocacy efforts, enabling them to take on greater challenges and to generate quantifiable impact in their work.

Fellows must have at least 3 years post-criminal justice involvement to ensure they have had the time to resolve normal re-entry issues, secure housing and employment and focus on leadership advocacy in their communities.

Fellows must be directly impacted by the criminal justice system (juvenile and/or criminal justice involvement is required to be eligible and includes but is not limited to: actual incarceration [served time in jail and/or prison], arrest with or without conviction, under community supervision [i.e. parole, sentenced to probation-only], involvement as a client in the juvenile justice, family directly involved in the system). Individuals on parole and / or probation are eligible for Leading with Conviction.

All Fellows MUST have demonstrated a minimum 3 year track record of leadership with a specific commitment to advocacy and community organizing, not only direct services.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: September 30th

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To apply, click here.

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