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Center for Returning Citizens Spotlighted by The Philadelphia Tribune

Center for Returning Citizens Adds Holistic Approach to Helping Returning Citizens Transition Back Into Society

Samaria Bailey - August 9th, 2019

The Center for Returning Citizens (TCRC) moved to a new location in North Philadelphia this month, now offering healing services as part of their program to help ex-offenders transition back into the community.

Located at Broad and Erie Streets, the Center has added yoga, workshops and classes in addition to its original efforts to help people find jobs and housing when they get out of prison.

“This is an expansion of the Center’s services. This is going to enable us to interface with our impacted communities at a higher level,” said TCRC Founder and Executive Director Jondhi Harrell.

Every week, the Center will offer “Workplace Readiness” workshops, “Health, Wellness and Nutrition classes” and yoga. The Center will also offer workshops centered around children of incarcerated parents; women’s groups; support groups for family of incarcerated loved ones; mentoring in partnership with JEVS Human Services; and a financial wellness class. Harrell added that their new partnership with the Wedge Recovery Center will also allow them to offer more counseling for people recovering from addiction.

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