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Broad Street Ministry Seeks Director of Community Engagement

Broad Street Ministry Seeks Director of Community Engagement

Broad Street Ministry (BSM) is accepting applications for the position of Director of Community Engagement.

A core component of the mission of Broad Street Ministry is to engage and educate the community about the issues facing vulnerable populations and the dire need for system reform. Given its unique location and role in the service delivery system in Philadelphia, BSM is able each year to attract thousands of volunteers and hundreds of local corporations, church groups, and student organizations to serve our guests on site, join our Hospitality & Corporate Council (HCC), or attend public workshops, lectures, symposia, and other events that educate the general public about these issues and teach about meaningful action steps that can support our guests.

BSM’s Community Engagement function is a comprehensive effort to educate and involve each of these audiences in the social justice issues facing Philadelphia and is a natural extension of our overall mission to create a more radically hospitable city.

The Community Engagement Director’s primary function is to oversee and spearhead the ongoing development and sustainability of the full range of BSM’s Community Engagement (CE) offerings, including our Volunteer Program; service learning opportunities; corporate education and relations efforts; and events which promote our overall community engagement mission.

With the subject line: Community Engagement Director, please send resume and cover letter to:

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