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Transformation Yoga Project Highlighted by KYW

Matt Engler Credits Mindfulness, Yoga for Helping Turn His Life Around

Hadas Kuznits - August 18, 2019

An unconventional instructor led a yoga and meditation class on the grounds of Eastern State Penitentiary this weekend.

Matt Engler says he first learned to meditate at Graterford Prison, now SCI Phoenix, where he was serving 20 years for home invasion robbery.

"There was a book. The book was, Bo Lozoff “We're All Doing Time” and this book seemed to kind of just keep reappearing in my life," he said.

Eventually, Engler says he started teaching meditation to his fellow prison inmates and when Transformation Yoga Project offered yoga trainings.

"A staff member actually asked well, would you want to teach a class? So I started doing that and then the Transformation Yoga Project they were coming in, we were doing the asana yoga, which is like regular yoga and then they offered the teacher training," he said.

Engler became a certified yoga instructor and that's where he met Brianne Murphy, the director of justice and reentry services at Transformation Yoga Project.

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